Teeth Whitening Options Now Offered by Beverly Hills Teeth Whitening Expert, Kevin Sands DDS

Dr. Kevin Sands

Beverly Hills, CA, Nov. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Kevin Sands, Beverly Hills tooth whitening expert, offers a variety of teeth whitening options. Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic treatment options used today to rejuvenate and beautify smiles. Professional teeth whitening is a fast, highly effective way to brighten a smile without the need for any invasive procedures.

About Dr. Sands, Tooth Whitening Expert

Dr. Sands, Beverly Hills teeth whitening expert, graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and continued his advanced education at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies for Advanced Anterior Aesthetic Dentistry. He has a reputation for excellence and is committed to his patients' satisfaction. Dr. Sands is currently a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and he has been featured in print and TV media, including on E! and TLC. Visit http://www.teethwhiteningbeverlyhills.net for more information.

Teeth can become stained over time due to many factors. Tea, coffee, wine, energy drinks, soft drinks and nicotine are some of the most common stain-causing substances, but curries, berries and tomato sauce are also frequent culprits. Additionally, the aging process can also leave teeth looking discolored or dull as the enamel becomes more porous or worn, which allows the yellow or brown dentin to show through. Professional teeth whitening treatments can penetrate deep inside the structure of the tooth to break up stains and lighten the enamel.

Many teeth whitening treatment options are available, which means that virtually all patients will find a whitening solution that is right for them. Beverly Hills teeth whitening expert, Dr. Sands, offers in-office teeth whitening for a fast, highly effective whitening solution that can leave your teeth up to eight shades lighter. Take-home kits may be more appropriate for patients who crave a more subtle, gradual approach to teeth whitening. Take-home whitening combines contoured mouth trays and a powerful prescription-strength whitening gel for incredible whitening results that appear over the course of the treatment period.

Patients who have intrinsic stains, or stains that are caused by fluorosis or antibiotic use, or patients who have extensive crown- or bridgework may benefit more from porcelain veneers, which are designed to conceal stains and transform smiles.

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