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Clorox CEO: Burt's Bees grown double digits despite recession
Clorox CEO: Burt's Bees grown double digits despite recession

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If you haven't taken a look at Clorox lately, maybe you should.

Commentary from CEO Don Knauss during an interview on Mad Money suggests the company could generate some impressive growth in the not too distant future.

The first growth area stems from the company's acquisition of Burt's Bees. "That's something I'm not sure the Street understands," noted Cramer during the interview.

That is, Clorox purchased Burts Bees, a maker of natural and sustainable cosmetics such as moisturizes, lip care products, washes and soaps and more in 2007 and the move has been paying off in spades.

According to the , Burt's Bees delivered double-digit volume growth for Clorox, with its product leveraging a powerful trend – natural and sustainable.

"This is a brand that has grown double digits the last 3 years," Knauss told Cramer. "When we bought the business it was in 5 countries now it's in 35 countries. It's absolutely taking off in Asia."

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But that's not all. The bleach category is growing by double digits.

Yup. Clorox' oldest product – bleach - is taking off.

"Bleach is the most mature category we compete in – yet the category grew 14% over the last 3 months," Knauss told Cramer. "It hasn't grown that way since the Truman administration."

Part of the growth is due to new rules in which Medicare will no longer reimburse hospitals for preventable hospital-acquired sickness. Illness caused by microorganisms falls into that category.

Clorox can kill these germs and it kills them very effectively and cost efficiently. In fact, Clorox Germicidal Wipes are registered with the EPA to kill C. difficile spores in 3 minutes, the fastest contact time available.

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Wait there's more.

On top of that, Knauss says that Clorox bleach can do things that store brand bleach can't.

"We're introducing a smart seeking bleach – in other words you can wash pin stripes or checks in this special Clorox product – and it won't impact the colors," he said.

All told, Cramer was impressed. "Who says a company founded in 1913 can't re-invent itself," noted Cramer..

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