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The 10 best cars for the year’s worst weather

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The 10 best cars for the year's worst weather

It's that time of year again. It's getting darker earlier, the cold fronts are moving in and the roads are icing over. This is the time when your car is put to the test, and when you find out firsthand what it's really made of, and while some cars make the cut, many more don't.

So which cars are best for negotiating the frozen highway tundra? Karl Brauer, a senior director at the car valuation and analysis company Kelley Blue Book, provided with his list of 10 cars that are best equipped to withstand the elements.

"Fighting foul weather shouldn't mean a foul driving experience," he said. "These cars should confidently get you through the rain, sleet and snow without compromising passenger comfort, driving performance or style."

Read ahead to see's list of the 10 best cars for the year's worst weather. All cars on the list are 2014 models.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 08 Nov. 2013

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