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Travelers want more deals: CEO

Althea Chang

Frequent travelers want to get more for their money, even as their email inboxes are flooded with discounts and deals, according one travel booking site.

"Customers these days are pretty overwhelmed by offers from not just airlines and hotels but travel companies in general that are based around price," said Pete Van Dorn, CEO of booking company PointsHound.

But to capture more loyal travelers, airlines and hotels should offer even more deals, Van Dorn said. "The ability to offer something extra, like points or miles or some type of amenity at the hotel, goes a long way to stand out," he said.

Travelers looking to save money belong to an average of five or six travel rewards programs, according to PointsHound's data, and some are really racking up points.

Business travelers in particular make 13 trips per year on average, according to PointsHound data, which counts trips with check-ins between Sunday and Wednesday for three nights or less as business trips. (Short, leisure trips scheduled for between Sunday and Wednesday may be included in these numbers, however.)

In general, travelers seem to prefer chain hotels (60 percent) over independently run hotels (40 percent), according to PointsHound.

And based on PointsHound hotel bookings, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago are the most popular destinations for frequent travelers.

Airline tickets booked for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend for the 10 most popular destinations for that time of year are up 9 percent since last year, according to another travel booking site, Orbitz.

Thanksgiving Day is actually the cheapest day to travel during that holiday weekend, according to Orbitz data.

-By Althea Chang

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