How are you trading Sony ahead of the PlayStation 4 launch?

PlayStation 4 from Sony
Image source: Sony
PlayStation 4 from Sony

Sony's latest salvo in the next-generation battle of gaming consoles, the PlayStation 4, is scheduled to hit North American markets this week.

CEO Kazuo Hirai has declared the game console as one of the three pillars the company will rebuild itself on, along with mobile and digital imaging, but investors may not be entirely convinced.

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Earlier this month, Sony cut its operating profit forecast for the year through next March to $1.73 billion and reported a net loss of $160 million in the six months to September, triggering its Tokyo-listed shares to fall to its lowest levels since May.

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The console will go on sale in Europe, Australia and South America later this month and will be released in certain Asian markets in December.

With shares hovering at six-month lows, how are you trading Sony ahead of the PlayStation 4 launch?