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Sports bucket list: Top 10 coolest seats in sports

Dallas Cowboys field level suites.

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Dallas Cowboys (NFL) luxury suites

Price: Rent for $20,000 to $35,000 per game.

Where: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas

When: The 5-5 Cowboys have three regular-season home games left.

What: The Cowboys offer more than 300 luxury suites across five levels, said team spokesman Brett Daniels. The catch? You have to pay $100,000 to $500,000 annually, under 20-year lease deals. But America's Team offers so many suites that there's always some available for rental.

Our picks: The "Field Level" suites (a few feet from the players, coaches and cheerleaders) and "Hall of Fame" suites 20 rows up where owner Jerry Jones keeps his box.

Why: Sunk 6 inches below the field, Field Suites give you a sideline pass experience. But they're not as exclusive, or expensive, as the "Hall of Fame" suites. That's where the heavy hitters hang on the same level as Jones. "With the Hall of Fames suites, you have a great view of Dez Bryant running into the end zone for a touchdown. If you have a Field Level suite in that end zone, he's running right up to your suite, high-fiving you on the sideline, then running back out and spiking the ball," said Daniels.

Keep an eye out for famous Cowboys fans such as LeBron James, President George W. Bush and country singer Kenny Chesney. Included: complimentary parking and VIP entrances.

How: Corporate sponsors such as AT&T, Ford and Bank of America own many of the suites.

Insider's Tip: Don't want to commit to a 20-year lease? Rent unused boxes per game from the Suite Experience Group—the equivalent of StubHub for luxury boxes. Figure around $20,000 for a Field Level suite; $30,000 to $35,000 for Hall of Fame box, says Suite Experience President Scott Spencer. It's nothing for Las Vegas casinos to fly their biggest whales on a Gulfstream jet to Dallas for the day and entertain them in a Hall of Fame box. "Being in a suite at Cowboys Stadium is seen as the place to watch the game," Spencer said. "Jerry World is synonymous with luxury suites."

Photo: Blake Marvin | HKS courtesy Dallas Cowboys.