Easynews Now Offering 1900 Days of NNTP Usenet Retention

PHOENIX, Nov. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EASYNEWS, the world's original and unsurpassed browser-based Usenet newsgroup provider has upgraded its NNTP Usenet retention from 1800 to a full 1900 days. That is an extra 100 days of Usenet retention at no additional cost to Easynews subscribers!

Usenet retention is the length of time that a newsgroup article post is available to subscribers. 1900 days of retention means that Easynews subscribers can access newsgroup posts that were added up to 1900 days ago, with 99% completion.

All Easynews service plans (e.g. Classic, Plus and Big Gig) come with:

  • Web-Usenet access through the Easynews web interface (available by logging into your account at http://www.easynews.com)
  • 100,000+ Newsgroups (NNTP Usenet access)
  • 1900 Days Retention
  • Rollover Gigs (unused gigs rollover to future months)
  • Loyalty Gigs (free gigs for each year of service)
  • 14 day/10 GB free trial
  • Thumbnail Previews
  • 24/365 Technical Support

The Big Gig plan provides the best value with 150GB/month, 12GB loyalty gigs, and free unlimited NNTP. If you have a web browser, you already have all the software you need to access all that Usenet newsgroups have to offer!

About Easynews:

Easynews is the most versatile Usenet provider in the world and offers a unique, easy and fast browser-based newsgroup interface that eliminates the need for any third-party newsreader client software. Subscribers are able to search, preview and download files directly from their favorite web browser from any location in the world. With over 15 years of service and expertise, Easynews continues to provide premium and all-inclusive web based Usenet access to users worldwide.

For more information about Easynews and its Usenet service offerings, please visit www.Easynews.com or contact support@easynews.com.

CONTACT: Easynews support@easynews.comSource: Easynews