Elektron Technology Unveils Remote Food Safety Solution Powered by LogMeIn's Xively IoT Cloud and Integrated With Salesforce.com

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BOSTON, Nov. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xively, a subsidiary of LogMeIn (Nasdaq:LOGM) and creator of the first public cloud platform for the commercial Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that Elektron Technology has unveiled its next-generation Checkit food safety solution powered by Xively Cloud Services. By using Xively to enable real-time, remote monitoring of food storage and preparation areas, Elektron will make it easier for multi-site restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and other businesses to enforce process compliance and reduce the cost of food safety management. Xively's connectivity with Salesforce.com will also make it possible to create a more interactive relationship with customers and deliver additional services.

"We wanted to connect Checkit to the Internet of Things so that businesses have instant visibility into food safety status and processes across all their sites from anywhere. Xively provided exactly what we needed to quickly develop this solution: a proven and highly scalable cloud infrastructure with robust storage, analytics and security, plus the ability to easily interface with other data and enterprise systems such as Salesforce.com," said David Davies, Group Head of Instrumentation, Monitoring & Control at Elektron Technology. "Using Xively, we were able to cost-effectively deliver this capability in just eight weeks."

"We're excited to be working with Elektron as they embark on their next-generation Checkit solution. Putting rich data sets at their fingertips helps streamline enterprise-wide operations, maximize efficiencies and enable truly connected customers," said Mario Finocchiaro, Director of Business Development, Xively. "Elektron's new solution exemplifies what is possible when enterprises develop connected commercial offerings that generate the intelligence needed to enhance customer relationships and boost revenue."

Checkit is a paperless system that uses smart wireless sensors and hand-held units to monitor and record the temperature, humidity and door status of cold storage, hot holding and food preparation areas, as well as ensure hygiene checks have been completed. By combining Checkit with Xively Cloud Services, Elektron is able to offer a highly competitive, scalable solution that helps restaurant, hotel, food service and supermarket chains:

  • Monitor food safety information from multiple sites simultaneously in real-time and access it from any tablet, PC or smartphone.
  • Leverage centralized dashboards that provide an instant, 360-degree view into food safety status across facilities, create alerts and warnings if problems occur, and automatically generate reports for compliance and audit.
  • Easily connect the physical world to Salesforce.com through Xively Cloud Services, enabling customers to access, display and manage Checkit-generated data through Salesforce.com consoles.

Elektron is beginning customer trials of Xively-powered Checkit systems in November 2013. General availability is planned for early 2014.

See the Elektron Xively solution in action for the first time at Dreamforce, November 18-21, San Francisco, West Booth #607, and hear how it was developed during the presentation, "Unifying Salesforce and Physical Devices: An Internet of Things Customer Study," at Dreamforce, November 18, 2013, 3:00pm.

For more information on Checkit visit www.checkit.net

To test drive the Xively IoT platform, sign up for a free Developer Account.

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