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NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SkinPro, the south Florida-based cosmeceutical company known for its commitment to bringing significant scientific innovations to the skin care and anti-aging industries, is proud to announce that their first ever Twitter party achieved trending status. As the creator of Elite Serum, the best selling product in's highly competitive eyes category, SkinPro has always made the customer experience their number one priority.

"We held the #BeASkinPro Twitter party for our customers, many of whom are very active on the Internet. Our intention was to offer them a direct line to the brand and treat them to a number of product giveaways they were eligible to win as thanks for their support," explains SkinPro CEO Tim J. Schmidt, adding that SkinPro is appreciative to blogger hosts Aly Walansky and Bryce Gruber for helping to make this first Twitter party a success. "Our style, approach, and dedication to science-inspired cosmeceuticals is driven by our commitment to bringing anti-aging products to market that truly make a difference in the lives of our customers. This event and the associated hashtag (#BeASkinPro) was an exciting and natural step for us."

During the #BeASkinPro Twitter party, hosts Aly Walansky and Bryce Gruber discussed with guests some of the most common skin care questions they hear, which a number of Skin Pro products are geared toward. Topics of discussion included recent headlines supporting the use of Botox in younger women than it is traditionally used on for prevention. However, SkinPro understands that many women today are uncomfortable with the invasive and expensive nature of injectables and choose to avoid them if possible. The recently introduced DNA Serum is a topical anti-aging product that significantly lessens expression lines for instantly noticeable results.

Based on customer feedback, SkinPro also understands the confusion skin care customers encounter when it comes to the most basic care of their skin. One of the most common cries of frustration is from adults who thought their complexion woes would be over once their teenage years were. For these clients, SkinPro just launched Bellapulse, a handheld facial cleansing system that uses a gentle, rotating brush to loosen and remove makeup and dirt from deep within the pores.

Participants of SkinPro's first ever #BeASkinPro Twitter party were eligible to win both DNA Serum and Bellapulse. A full transcript of the event is available by following this link: Join @SkinProLabs on Twitter to learn more about future promotions and events.

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