How Mike Tyson KO'd adversity

Mike Tyson: Trusted wrong people

A left hook. A stiff jab. A body shot.

Mike Tyson knew how to pack a punch. At 20, he became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history. He went on to 50 career wins and just six losses, with 44 knockouts, two no-contests and $400 million in winnings.

In the years following his boxing career, though, Tyson found himself on the receiving end of punch after punch.

From divorce to substance addiction, as well as a lavish spending habit, his millions quickly evaporated into bankruptcy. In an appearance on CNBC, Tyson said his rock bottom included the tragic death of his young daughter.

In the video, Tyson tells Maria Bartiromo how he overcame adversity and turned his life around, which also happens to be the subject of his new book, "Undisputed Truth."

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