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Consumers want advertisers to reciprocate

Althea Chang

Mobile app users may be more particular about the ads and offers they receive than Web users, and they're demanding quality information and rewards for their time, according to recent research.

About 44 percent of app users would especially like deals and coupons for clicking on ads, according to a survey conducted by marketing researchers at SessionM, MillwardBrown, DynamicLogic and Firefly.

"The consumer is distracted and has so many different options for their time in today's digital world that they really are looking for something of value from an advertiser," said Lars Albright, CEO and co-founder of SessionM. A pool of the company's users were part of the study.

According to SessionM, the most popular offerings from advertisers are coupons, information and free tools.

Consumers' favorite rewards for viewing ads include gift cards, discounts, tickets for events, contest entries and donations to charity, according to the study.

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