Toronto-based media & political expert available to comment on Rob Ford Scandal

Toronto, Nov. 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- You may be covering the mayoral saga as it unfolds in Toronto with Rob Ford's startling admission of crack cocaine usage, illegal drug purchases and the release of a video depicting unsettling violent behaviour. Newly released portions of redacted documents from the evidence gathered by Toronto Police has refocused global attention on the Rob Ford criminal investigation.

Canadian political analyst and commentator Dr. Allan Bonner is a regular contributor to Canadian national radio and TV networks and has been published in all major national and regional newspapers. He has been a political staffer to the world's longest serving big city Mayor--one of Rob Ford's predecessor's--Mayor Mel Lastman.

Allan has also been a consultant to several other mayors and 25 heads of government and party leaders. He's worked on five continents for 25 years with diplomats, trade negotiators, UN agencies and peacekeepers.

In the US, Allan has been interviewed by NPR, PBS, NBC Nightly News, CBS and The New York Times.

Allan is a former journalist who anchored The National News in Canada and reported for the RKO Radio Networks in the US.

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