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The market's weekly winners and losers

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It's not always easy to tell the difference between a winner and a loser. Turning down $3 billion for your company—when your company hasn't yet made a cent—might seem like the move of a loser, but it's the would-be acquirer in that case that failed to execute.

Giving up a big chunk of real estate in some of the world's busiest places might seem like a concession too great, but when it gets regulators off your back for one of the biggest mergers in history, it's probably a price worth paying.

Getting an organization so cash-strapped that it's cut back on basic services in order to bring those basic services back just for their own clients—that takes some serious market clout.

Getting Warren Buffett to buy into your company—no bigger market endorsement is possible.

But blowing earnings and laying the blame on the NSA? Now c'mon—if you're gonna lose, at least own up to it.

Here are this week's biggest winners and losers, as seen through the lens of CNBC.

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