Cramer: This stock is literally Rocket Fuel

Can Rocket Fuel be the winner in digital advertising?

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Pros will often talk about rockets to describe white hot stocks. But no stock deserves the moniker more than this one.

We're talking about Rocket Fuel, a company that lived up to its name when it .

"It priced at $29, then opened up immediately at $59.95, before closing out its first day at $56.10, a 93% gain," Cramer explained.

However, this spaceship quickly came back to earth. "Hideous declines followed. The stock dropped to a low of $37 and change last week," Cramer added.

It appears investors didn't know what to make of the company, which – incidentally - has absolutely nothing to do with space flight.

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Instead, Rocket Fuel, uses artificial intelligence to help businesses make the best programmatic ad buys on the Internet. "In other words, if you're an advertiser, its software gives you the biggest bang for your buck," said Cramer.

Rocket Fuel recently reported results and Cramer says the market was underwhelmed.

"However, I thought the numbers were actually pretty darned good, with revenues that rose 132% year over year and a better than expected gross margin of 49%."

Perhaps the Street came around to Cramer's way of thinking. On Friday shares again traded $57, just a few dollars shy of the IPO high.

With those kinds of gains, it's hard not to think that the Street may have found a new momentum stock. Cramer wouldn't be surprised.

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"Programmatic online advertising is smokin' here and so far there hasn't been a good stock that's allowed you to profit from this theme," Cramer said. Rocket Fuel could be the first.

However, he also reminds any momentum stock can present challenges. And in the case of young Internet companies for every rocket there's also a lead balloon.

Nonetheless, in this case, the risk may be worth the reward.

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