Charlotte Chiropractor Provides Free Scoliosis Screenings

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Charlotte chiropractor is offering free spinal screenings for school-age children to aid in the detection of scoliosis and other progressive issues that can benefit from early diagnosis and correction. Dr. Darcy Walraven Ladner of Omni Wellness Center states that her offer is a timely one, since October marked both National Spine Awareness Month and National Chiropractic Health Month. "Our clinic wants to make sure that young people in the Charlotte area have every opportunity to grow up as healthy as possible, and spinal wellness plays a key role in that," says Dr. Ladner.

Dr. Ladner notes that scoliosis, an unnatural or extreme lateral curvature of the spine, typically makes its first appearance in childhood, with curvatures exceeding 10 degrees from vertical indicating the presence of scoliosis. While a curvature of up to 20 percent may not cause any significant problems or visible deformity, she adds, the condition can grow progressively worse during puberty and adolescence, when a child's rapid growth exacerbates the problem.

"Once we have discovered a case of scoliosis in a young child, it is important to monitor the spinal curvature regularly. Many cases involving mild curvature may not require treatment, but if the curvature increases we need to know so we can recommend prompt treatment," says the chiropractor. She warns that extreme cases of scoliosis can cause lifelong pain, restrict breathing, and possibly affect the heart's ability to pump blood efficiently.

Dr. Ladner and her team will screen children of high-school age or younger free of charge to encourage parents to have them checked for scoliosis as well as other spinal issues such as subluxations -- vertebral misalignments caused by poor posture or injury. She states that an evaluation of stance and gait, along with possible x-rays if needed, can uncover problems that are best nipped in the bud. According to the chiropractor, treatments such as bracing cannot reverse spinal curvature, but it can arrest its progression satisfactorily. "Extreme cases of scoliosis often require surgical intervention, so we really want to catch it before something like that becomes necessary," she says.

Dr. Ladner adds that treatment of any kind of spinal abnormality or injury is likely to have a positive effect on a child's overall wellness. The chiropractor notes that impaired nerve function, a common consequence of spinal misalignments, can contribute to immune system weakness along with such well-known childhood health problems as asthma and ADHD. "The school years are critically important for kids, so we want to ensure that they can fully enjoy those years," she says. The practitioner encourages area parents to contact the clinic for additional information.

In addition to spinal screenings for all ages, Omni Wellness Center provides chiropractic adjustment, nutritional counseling, laser therapy, physical therapy and weight loss programs in its holistic approach to health for Charlotte area patients.

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