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Big data and the tone of your voice

Althea Chang

Numbers and text aren't the only things being used in big data analytics. Companies are increasingly using voice and video to get to know their customers better, a survey suggests.

About 36 percent executives and managers surveyed by IBM said they have video analytics capabilities, and 42 percent said they can use voice analytics to understand the tone of a customer's voice on a customer service call, according to the study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, which surveyed about 900 business and IT executives.

"What you can do is make some very strong recommendations on what's the best way to interact with the consumer," said Fred Balboni, head of IBM's Business Analytics and Optimization team.

But while the data and technology exist, companies are still developing trust in their analytics strategies as well as the teams on the human side of the data analyses equation, according to the survey.

About 34 percent of executives surveyed said they're skeptical of the quality of data and analytics at their organizations, while 66 percent said they're confident in it, the survey found.

--By Althea Chang