Cramer: Mobile strategy to boost shares?

PayPal is growing quickly: eBay's Donahoe

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If the future is mobile, this company may be in the sweet spot.

We're talking about eBay.

"It's a company I've liked for a long time," Cramer said. "Of all the companies in the sector it's among the least expensive given how much value it generates for shareholders."

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And one way eBay is generating value is through its acquisition of Braintree for about $800 million.

The acquisition strengthens eBay's mobile strategy by merging PayPal with Braintree's Venmo, an app that lets consumers make payments on smartphones and tablets.

With 120 million users, PayPal had dominated online payment services for about a decade. But its growth moderated in recent years, partly due to increased competition on mobile devices from smaller but nimbler rivals.

Therefore Cramer thinks the acquisition should prove to be very strategic.

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In addition, Cramer thinks that making purchases via smartphone will be about much more than holding your iPhone up to a scanner.

According to eBay CEO John Donahoe it will be extremely proactive -- kind of like what happens already at a Starbucks in PayPal headquarters

"When I walk in, with my cell phone in my pocket, blue tooth recognizes I'm there. And when I get to the register the baristsa has my picture and name on their existing point of sale system and says would you like the usual. I don't ever bring my phone out of my pocket. Also no money every changes hands"

Cramer believes this kind of experience is the future.

Therefore, with its strong emphasis on mobile, eBay may be an inexpensive way to play the theme. "I view PayPal as the mobile version of Visa and Mastercard," Cramer said, "well, like Visa and Mastercard with a $10 trillion opportunity."

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