Bullfrog Gold Corp to Resume Drilling at Newsboy Project in Arizona

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., Nov. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bullfrog Gold Corp (OTCBB:BFGC) ("Bullfrog" or the "Company") is pleased to announce a phase 4 drill program at its Newsboy Gold Project ("Project") located 45 miles NW of Phoenix, Arizona. Drilling is scheduled to start in early December 2013 and finish before year end.

At least 62 vertical and angled holes will be percussion drilled to depths up to 60 feet. The program is specifically designed to explore shallow mineralization that has been identified from surface sampling and reconnaissance programs, trenches and upper mineral intervals in existing holes. Below is a summary of holes proposed in three specific exploration target areas.

Table 1
Proposed Phase 4 Drill Program
Exploration Area No. of Holes Land Status
RUS 15 Mining Claims
S-6 7 Mining Claims
Queen of Sheba 20 Mining Claims
" " " 20 Adjacent Lease on Patents

A map of the Newsboy main deposit and eight exploration areas may be viewed on the Company's website (see November 5, 2013 press release or latest power point presentation) or at the link http://media.globenewswire.com/cache/23930/file/23048.pdf.

In 1985 Labradex Mining Company explored the RUS area by drilling 2,435 feet in 11 holes and sampling 14 trenches and several historic prospect pits. Labradex discovered a near surface gold-bearing vein system having a strike length of more than 2,600 feet and a typical dip of 45 degrees. The Company plans to drill 15 holes in the areas deemed most favorable and for possible strike extensions. Significant sample lengths and gold grades obtained in a Labradex report are shown in Table 2.

Table 2
RUS Area Surface Sampling Results
Sample Location Intercept, ft. Gold opt
Trench 5 20 0.048
Nearby old pit 4 0.120
" " " 2 0.120
" " " 5 0.076
Trench 8 10 0.040
Trench 10 7 0.053
Nearby old pit 4 0.290
" " " 3 0.088
" " " 5 0.100

High grade, shallow gold was intersected in one drill hole and surface samples of outcrops and prospect pits in the Queen of Sheba exploration area (see press release of February 25, 2013), but holes spaced 50 feet from this high grade showed continuity of mineralization but not of high grade. Twenty close-spaced holes will be drilled on the 38 acres of patented land and twenty holes on adjacent mining claims in the Queen of Sheba area. Table 3 shows all the shallow intercepts drilled in early 2013.

Table 3
Shallow Mineralization in Queen of Sheba Area
Drilled in Phase 3 Program on Leased Patents
Hole ID Mineral Intervals, Feet Gold Silver
Year -- No. From -- To Thickness opt opt
13 -- 48 0 25 25 2.801 0.17
includes 10 15 5 13.856 0.48
13 -- 49 10 25 15 0.029 0.18
13 -- 50 40 45 5 0.017 0.14
65 70 5 0.016 0.02
13 -- 51 60 65 5 0.016 0.08
13 - 68 0 5 5 0.028 0.24
10 15 5 0.015 0.29
13 -- 69 0 10 10 0.029 0.16
20 30 10 0.026 0.12
13 -- 70 0 5 5 0.021 0.11
10 20 10 0.020 0.14
25 35 10 0.044 0.17
13 -- 72 35 45 10 0.079 0.13
Additional mineral intervals below 70 feet are not shown

As the S-6 exploration area has several old mine shafts, prospect pits and mineralized outcrops but no records or evidence of drilling, seven shallow holes are proposed as an initial test of this exploration target.

In early 2014 the Company plans to analyze all drill hole data on the Project along with results from SRK Consulting's upcoming technical report to plan a subsequent exploration and development drill programs.

About Bullfrog Gold Corp.

Bullfrog Gold Corp. is a Delaware corporation that started trading on the over-the-counter bulletin board market on October 17, 2011 under the symbol BFGC. By 1992, predecessor owners of the Newsboy Project drilled 154 holes, estimated resources in the main deposit area at 5.3 million tons averaging 0.044 gold opt and 0.64 silver opt, completed a feasibility study and submitted environmental permit applications. During the past two years the Company completed 74 holes in three phases of drilling on the Project and acquired additional adjacent lands having exploration potential. The Company also has two prospective properties in Nevada, one of which is in the Bullfrog Mining District that produced approximately 2.3 million ounces of gold between 1988 and 1998. The Company's Klondike Project in Nevada has shallow occurrences of silver mineralization with potential base metal and barite byproduct credits. More information on the Company and its projects may be obtained from www.BullfrogGold.com, or by emailing info@BullfrogGold.com.

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