Cornet Technology Launches Radio Interoperability Gateway Product Line - the TVCS InterConnect


SPRINGFIELD, Va., Nov. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cornet Technology, Inc., a recognized provider of modern secure/non-secure voice, video, and data communication solutions, today announced the launch of its new product line, the TVCS InterConnect. An exciting new gateway family, the TVCS InterConnect combined with the new CTI CS-Commander soft-phone offers comprehensive voice interoperability targeted at the military tactical communications network, public safety, and emergency communications Land Mobile Radio (LMR) markets.

Available now, the TVCS InterConnect 120 delivers extensive radio spectrum interoperability with a wide range of cellular, satellite, landline, and VoIP channels, solving incompatibility of legacy systems. The TVCS InterConnect product line enables voice communications and conferencing among the widest variety of communication devices giving diverse emergency management responders or maneuver units and special operation forces the ability to exchange information for situation awareness and mission accomplishment.

Scalable, the TVCS InterConnect 120 can grow from a single radio card that handles 4 radio connections to 12 cards that offer a combined 48 radio connections. Additionally, the unit provides a voice gateway with 64 VoIP connections and 4 T1/E1 connections incorporated into its controller card. Besides the radio cards, the chassis can accept a variety of network interface cards including: FXS, FXO, GSM/CDMA, E &M, and Magneto. As a bonus, the TVCS InterConnect offers an internal recording capability that captures communications and enables replay as required. The unit's rugged chassis and military connectors mean better stability for mobile requirements.

"In response to Defense, Homeland Security, and public safety requirements for full voice situational awareness, Cornet Technology is excited about launching its comprehensive TVCS InterConnect voice-interoperability gateway platform. Going forward, the TVCS InterConnect's roadmap will continue to add capabilities that will deliver last mile connectivity to the majority of voice, data, and video field terminals", said Sunil Mehta, VP Product Marketing.

The benefit of the TVCS InterConnect is found in its ability to facilitate coordination of emergency and military forces and the exchange of vital information. It does this by fulfilling all the primary elements of the of Homeland Security's "National Emergency Communications Plan":

  • Operability – the TVCS InterConnect offers a single point of connectivity for the establishment and sustainment of mission operation communications.
  • Interoperability – the TVCS InterConnect offers the widest range available of voice device interoperability regardless of frequency band.
  • Continuity – Mobile, the TVCS InterConnect can be placed in multiple vehicles enabling sustainment of communications in the event of primary facility damage or destruction.

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