Covisint Demonstrates the Future of the Connected Owner Buying Experience at the LA Auto Show

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LA Auto Show (Booth No. CCE-2) -- Today's savvy consumers demand a new level of simplicity, speed and convenience in making new purchases. The auto industry has slowly transformed to meet these needs--but that's all soon to accelerate: Covisint Corporation (Nasdaq:COVS), provider of a leading cloud engagement platform that delivers a connected ownership experience, will showcase at the LA Auto Show the exciting future of car buying.

The Covisint demo immerses show attendees in the future car-buying experience for sales executive "Adele" as she trades-in her company's leased vehicle. The demo will show how her connected devices--including her phone, computer, new car, old car and others--are key to this process, specifically:

  • How the process begins. Adele goes in for regular maintenance, and the service advisor--informed by his tablet--tells Adele about a new lease-upgrade program enabling her to roll her current lease to a new one prior to the expiration date.
  • Cars "selling themselves." Using Google Glass, Adele examines new vehicles as the connected cars essentially sell themselves--knowing her preferences and purchase parameters while also detailing the benefits of the key features important to Adele. All of the "permissions" are controlled by Adele so she can pre-determine what the dealer and others know about her.
  • A paperless world. All forms, including the buyer order, manufacturer incentives, financing, DMV issues, insurance forms and others are processed without paper. And, Adele signs on the dotted line directly from her smartphone, finishing the process.
  • Personality adoption. All of Adele's settings and preferences are replicated and transferred from the old vehicle into the new vehicle, including contacts, infotainment, social networking, navigation history, satellite radio, Google+ and more.
  • Out with the old. Importantly, everything is taken care of with Adele's old car, too, as the dealership can easily remove the old car's profile, settings and preferences to ensure her privacy and security.
  • Used car? New sale. As the used car enters back into the dealership, the detailing crew is alerted and begins its job cleaning and waxing the vehicle. Simultaneously, a potential used car customer who previously communicated interest in the features and price range of Adele's old car is alerted with an appointment offered based on his availability.
  • Co-pilots welcome. In the time it takes to drink the cup of coffee, Adele's husband's info is transferred as another permitted driver and Adele is offered with the option to contact him to meet her at their favorite restaurant to celebrate the purchase.

"This Covisint demo brings to life a world that's better for everyone, and it's not that far away," said Tim Evavold, Covisint Director of Automotive Delivery. "Covisint is uniquely positioned to enable the future of the connected car and the enhanced buying and ownership experience it can offer--a future that is simplified, secure and paperless."

Covisint also announced at the LA Auto Show a study it sponsored on how the car-buying public perceives automotive value as it relates to cloud-based, connected services. The Covisint whitepaper, titled: Automotive Connectivity: A Path for Automotive Manufacturers to Increase Loyalty, Revenue and Relevancy, shows how connected car owners are transforming and disrupting automakers' past perceptions of value. It is available here:

Covisint's cloud engagement platform offers a robust, secure and proven platform for driving additional revenue and customer loyalty through connected vehicle initiatives. With Covisint, CIOs, CMOs and LOB leaders can deliver a unified and global connected vehicle platform that aligns with their business strategies, through a single integrated experience across the ownership lifecycle.


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