The One World Doll Project Announces Launch of Prettie Girls! Dolls National Marketing Campaign

The One World Doll Project

HOUSTON, Nov. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The One World Doll Project, subsidiary of One World Holdings, Inc. [OTCQB: OWOO] announced today that is has launched the first in a series of national radio and geo targeted internet ads announcing the Christmas availability of the Prettie Girls! multi-cultural dolls.

"As this initial advertising campaign is our first step in the national branding and awareness initiative for the Prettie Girls! we have chosen to focus the message of these ads primarily to African-American and Hispanic women who will be looking for dolls of color this Holiday season," stated Trent T. Daniel, Founder of One World Holdings. "Per our multi-stage roll out plan, these current ads will be running in heavy rotation in cities nationwide including major markets such as Atlanta, Houston, Chicago and New Orleans," he added.

About The One World Doll Project

Established in 2010 by Trent T. Daniel and Stacey McBride-Irby, The One World Doll Project endeavors to make significant positive cultural impact through the doll category. Its beautiful dolls are unique works of art, created for a growing market yearning for something unique to experience – a doll that both embraces contemporary girls of color and symbolizes the women they can become. The One World Doll Project has created The Prettie Girls!™ dolls, an exciting line of multi-cultural fashion dolls, years in development, recently launched in the marketplace. The Prettie Girls! are unique in their look, their backgrounds and their stories, capturing the essence of values and positive attributes that every little girl can embrace. Styled for play, yet filled with soul, The Prettie Girls! set new, higher, values-based standards for "pretty"- positive goals that reach across the globe and up for the stars!

For young girls, The One World Doll Project creates a doll that is a friend, a partner in play, and a glimpse of their biggest, brightest dreams. For young women, it is a symbol of who they are, how much they have achieved, and a keepsake of the best times of their lives. For connoisseurs, The One World Doll Project promises stylish works of art that will become a vital part of a valuable growing collectors' market. In addition to the Prettie Girls! play line, the Company has just premiered the Cynthia Bailey Prettie Girls Collector Doll™ depicting the businesswoman, model and reality star, featured on Bravo Network's Real Housewives of Atlanta.™

About Stacey McBride-Irby

In her 15 years at Mattel®, Stacey designed for the Disney Princess® Collection and created countless fashions for the iconic Barbie® line. Most notably, Stacey created an entire new line for the company, the So In Style® dolls, the first African-American dolls by Mattel that more closely represented contemporary girls and young women in this diverse, dynamic community. While at Mattel, Stacey was tapped to design the Sorority Barbie®, celebrating the Centennial Year of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first African-American Greek Sorority. She also designed some of the 2010 Barbie Career dolls, including Pet Vet Barbie® Rock Star Barbie® and Bride Barbie®.

Now Stacey has taken her dedication to doll making, her inspiration in fashion design and her commitment to creating positive role models to become a Founder of The One World Doll Project.

About Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz, "A Collectors' Paradise," is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a premier retailer featuring dozens of categories of dolls, gifts and accessories curated to meet the demands of the growing collectors' market. In addition to a dramatic retail store, Angelic Dreamz maintains a robust web presence serving customers around the globe.

About The Pattycake Doll Company

The Pattycake Doll Company was created with a singular, unique vision to create a trusted retail environment, specifically for parents to provide their children with a comprehensive selection of dolls that "look like ME!" For two decades, Pattycake has served the needs of families seeking a wide range of age appropriate ethnic, specialty and multi-cultural dolls. The Pattycake family deeply believes in its mission to include all children in play activities that respect their heritage and foster their dreams.

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