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Prince Alwaleed knocks activist investors

Prince Alwaleed: Twitter is a rising star

Activist investors? More like a royal pain!

Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal said on Monday he doesn't like activist investors meddling in the affairs of company management. Alwaleed's comments came after he was asked whether he agreed with billionaire Carl Icahn, who is pushing Apple to do a $150 billion stock buyback, despite the company's seeming reluctance to make such a move.

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"Usually, in my relationship with management, I defer to management and really, in their objectives in either having share buyback program or issue dividends or etc.," he said on "Closing Bell." "But I think this is public interference in the management of companies is something I do not follow. So I do not side with that path at all."

Meantime, Alwaleed said there are currently many investment opportunities to be had. Real estate is hot in the Middle East while social media is popular in the West, he noted. The key for investors is to be very focused and very selective, but also able to hold positions for the long-term, he said.

Alwaleed, CEO of Kingdom Holding, said he's bullish on the hotel and real estate space in particular. His firm continues to hold a sizable stake in Four Seasons Hotels.

Elsewhere in the market, Alwaleed said he also holds investments in News Corp. and Citigroup.

By CNBC's Drew Sandholm. Follow him on Twitter @DrewSandholm