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New York, N.Y.

Classicl is a mobile app (currently iOS only, with plans to expand to Android and Windows Mobile) that helps music lovers get the empty seats for performances through peer-to-peer mobile micro-philanthropy.The app allows people with extra tickets to give them away and transfer them free of charge. According to the most recent survey from the National Endowment for the Arts, most of the 2.6 million Americans that regularly attended classical music or opera performances in the last five years got their first tickets for free.

Classicl was created as a way to connect these two groups—those with extra tickets and those looking to experience live music—with a simple, fun, socially integrated mobile app. Classicl gives more people the opportunity to get their "first tickets" and become regular supporters of the arts while reducing what we consider the worst kind of waste: an empty seat.

Image source: Classicl