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CCTV Script 19/11/2013

This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on November 19, Tuesday.

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A big score for Boeing at the Dubai Airshow.

Its 777X jet which debuted at the Dubai Airshow, has won orders worth over $100 billion from Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad.

Apart from the 777X, Etihad also ordered another 30 Dreamliner 787s bringing it to 71 in total - the most on order by any airline.

The 777X is Boeing's new long range jet which seats up to 400 passengers and is said to be 20 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor, the 777. Airbus on the other hand, received 50 A380 orders from Emirates and another 86 orders from Etihad for other aircraft.

Etihad alone ordered more than 140 aircraft in all at the airshow. CEO James Hogan explained where he thinks the demand will come from:

[Soundbyte on tape by James Hogan, CEO & President of Etihad] When we sit here in Abu Dhabi and one considers the GCC, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, these are markets with huge travel flows. Fourteen million Indians alone travel internationally each year, so we have no doubt that our network in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia, primarily, will certainly soak up these aircraft, as will our ongoing development in US and Europe.

Meanwhile, for those of us who travel cattle class, Airbus is saying, you deserve more. More space that is.CNBC's Yousef Gamal El-din reports:

For decades the economy class in larger aircrafts had nine seats in every row. That meant you had 18 inches of relatively personal space. That is history. The industry has moved towards adding an extra seat in every row, leaving you with just 17 inches instead. Airbus argues that an additional inch of space helps passengers sleep better:

[Soundbyte on tape by Kevin Keniston, Head of Passenger Comfort, Airbus] What we believe is that for the interest of passenger comfort going much further forward, not just thinking about day-to-day, but thinking about long term, that an 18 inch minimum standard should be set for long haul economy class seating.

Now that may be the case, but what plane builders do is simply offer options to airlines, and space in economy is not always the top priority in a time of margin pressure and high fuel prices.

That is the reason why Emirates and other airlines, on some of their A380s for example, have added an 11th seat in every row, bringing you back down to just 17 inches.

Another factor is seat pitch, or the amount of leg room you get. Here, the Boeing and Airbus planes as configured by airlines choose a seat pitch that varies between 31 and 35 inches and for a guy with my height - 6 foot 7, I fit but when you try to take down the tray... it doesn't work.

So if it matters to you before your next flight, make sure you know where your airlines stand when it comes to your comfort in economy class.

But of course if you have loads of spare cash on hand, how about getting your very own private jet? That way you won't have any issues with space. And there were plenty of these luxury aircraft on display at the show. Yousef got a chance to get on board some of them:

Let me show you what you can get for your money approaching $60 million.

This is the Gulfstream G550, all the windows are apparently the biggest of its class, space for up to 19 passengers and for an additional $2 million you can get this elite package which also includes control from your Apple device with an application so you can simply put down the shades...there we go.

And also range here, 7700 miles - enough to get you to from JFK to Dubai or from London to Singapore.

[Soundbyte on tape by Scott Neal, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Gulfstream] We're seeing tremendous demand right now, for the long range aircraft. Our G550 and G650, theyre doing extremely well, especially here in the Middle East. The G650 has proved to be incredibly popular as well as our G550 so demand is good.

Another major player in the market is Bombardier. This is the Global 6000.

In terms of external dimensions it's very similar to the G550 but here you get 13 square feet more of cabin floor, space. Height, also a litlle bit more accomodating at 6 foot 3. Range is 7000 miles, that's still enough to get you to most exotic markets. And average variable cost per hour, is also slightly higher, at $5500.

[Soundbyte on tape by Khader Mattar, Regional Sales Vice President for the Middle East, Bombardier] When you get to the 8000, you get more range, but similar to 6000 in terms of size, so that's how you actually differentiate airplanes. Size of aircraft and range, so you have to play with these two factors to give the best for the market.

Oh yeah, and it costs 35,000 to fill one of these up, and then you have insurance, catering, maintenance, security. It may not be the ideal gift for Christmas.

Li Sixuan, from CNBC's Singapore headquarters.