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Eight cars that missed, which should have been hits

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP

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Cars that missed… but should have been hits

Car manufacturers have always sought to design products that consumers will gobble up with the enthusiasm of a 6-year-old inhaling Halloween candy. Unfortunately, history has proven that making a great car isn't always enough, and often it will underperform in the marketplace due to factors beyond the company's control.

Karl Brauer, a senior director at the car valuation and analysis company Kelley Blue Book, has seen his share of otherwise-great cars fall victim to this phenomenon. He provided with a list of cars he believes should have been hits but were overlooked by consumers.

All of these cars were offered on the U.S. market in the last 20 years, and all fell short of sales expectations. But Brauer is adamant that their poor sales did not reflect poor quality.

"These were potential automotive hits that never were," he said. "Yet hindsight confirms what only a select few knew at the time—these were great cars."

Read ahead and see the cars that should have been hits with U.S. drivers.

—By CNBC's Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 19 Nov. 2013

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