Faked data may have boosted 2012 job reports: NY Post

Santelli Exchange: Questions over 2012 election jobs data
Santelli Exchange: Questions over 2012 election jobs data

In 2010, the Census Bureau uncovered manipulated data that made its way into the unemployment report, the New York Post reported late Monday, which may have gone beyond one isolated incident.

The Post, citing an anonymous source, said that one employee was caught, and that the problem escalated around the time President Barack Obama sought reelection.

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According to the publication, a Census employee was told to fabricate information by his superiors. The report added that the issue continues to this day.

A spokesman for the Bureau of Labor Statistics told CNBC that "the incident has been reported to the Commerce Dept Inspector General Office for investigation. We have no further comment."

The Department of Commerce's Inspector General's office issued a statement saying, "We are aware of the media reports and our office is evaluating what actions may be warranted."

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