Bike Chain Chandelier Maker Facaro Releases New CONNECT 27 Design, Publishes Time Lapse Video of Her Process

Chain Chandelier

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Caro Fontoura Alzaga, founder of art design house Facaro, has released CONNECT 27, her newest addition to the acclaimed CONNECT Series of functional bike chain chandeliers made completely of recycled bike parts and chains.

Made of 100% bike parts and chains, artist and designer Caro Fontoura Alzaga's CONNECT 27 chandelier is her newest addition to the Facaro CONNECT Series. Photo by Alan J. Crossley.

A photo accompanying this release is available at

For the first time ever, Alzaga's team has also released a behind-the-scenes time lapse video ( documenting the creation of CONNECT 27. The video captures the incredible amount of labor and coordination that goes into creating these one of a kind pieces and reveals Alzaga's process over a series of months spent creating a single chandelier.

Originally commissioned by French luxury watchmaker F.P. Journe for installation in their Sunset Plaza boutique in Los Angeles earlier this month, CONNECT 27 was inspired by the inner workings and mechanics of the Centigraphe Souverain watch.

"Every chandelier in the CONNECT series is inspired by something, and I was really excited to see where this form took me. I was especially interested in the cogs and gears of the watch, and I mimicked that with the shape and interconnectedness of the components in this particular chandelier. This is the biggest one I've ever made and you can almost see it 'tick' with movement," said Caro Fontoura Alzaga, designer and founder of Facaro.

As with all of her works, Alzaga's chandeliers are made completely from reused bike parts and chains, and stem from a lifelong interest in exploring the third function of materials - after their original function, after they become trash, when they are transformed into something new altogether. Alzaga takes discarded bicycle parts that have become both disposable and invisible, and imbues them with renewed form and function.

CONNECT 27 is 96" in height, 48" in diameter and is available for purchase at

About Facaro

Founded by artist and designer Caro Fontoura Alzaga, Facaro is a Los Angeles-based design house known for its acclaimed CONNECT Series of bike chain chandeliers. Alzaga's work is informed by her lifelong movement between spaces and cultures, drawing inspiration from Victorian and modern chandeliers, DIY, punk, and bike culture. What she produces are documents of her reflections of these environments and her artistic vocabulary evolves with these shifting realities.

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