Wonderware Cincinnati Joins Recursion Software's SCADA-Aware Mobile Reseller Program

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FRISCO, Texas, Nov. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wonderware Cincinnati has added Recursion Software's SCADA-Aware Mobile in their automation product line because they see it as a revolutionary solution that delivers timely and accurate information on a wide variety of mobile devices and to an ever-growing number of industrial workers who depend on such information on a daily basis. SCADA-Aware Mobile, a Certified Partner Product of Invensys Operations Management, helps in proper plant decision making, which is critical to industrial customers in today's competitive environment.

Wonderware Cincinnati 's area of coverage is in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

SCADA-Aware Mobile provides secure, real-time, reliable mobile notifications and information sharing, thereby helping companies communicate more effectively, avoid disasters, save costs, and meet environment and safety standards. During an alarm situation, SCADA-Aware Mobile notifies required personnel on their mobile device, aids in collaboration, reduces uncertainty at the event site, and ultimately enhances safety. Automated escalations contribute to proportionate, timely and effective action.

More information on SCADA-Aware Mobile and a free demonstration download is available at http://www.recursionsw.com/.

Founded in 2001, Recursion Software is a leader in distributed computing, mobile agents, middleware, and mobile device computing. With over 80 patents and patent applications, we use our expertise to develop and deploy the most advanced enterprise mobile applications.

Wonderware Cincinnati is wholly owned and operated by ATR Distributing Company as an independent software distribution partner. Founded in 1956, ATR Distributing Company is a value-added distributor of high-tech industrial automation solutions, providing end-to-end advanced technology solutions to a diverse client base including OEM's and industrial end users.

JR Murray, President of Wonderware Cincinnati, says, "SCADA-Aware Mobile is a new and very powerful product to add to our robust portfolio. Our customers have grown to expect revolutionary products to help them solve their most challenging and complex issues. They must stay profitable in today's competitive landscape. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with our friends at Recursion Software."

SCADA-Aware Mobile is a trademark of Recursion Software.

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