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New Microsoft CEO faces mobile challenges

New Microsoft CEO's branding challenges

A new Microsoft CEO has yet to be named, and its unclear when one will be announced, but the incoming executive faces some serious challenges when Steve Ballmer departs, especially when it comes to mobile devices, according to one tech expert.

Microsoft held its annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday, but didn't name a new CEO or even indicate when a new CEO will be announced.

"We've got a commitment to make sure that the next CEO is the right person for the right time for the company we both love, and we share a commitment that Microsoft will succeed as a company that makes the world a better place," Microsoft's founder, Bill Gates, said of Ballmer at the shareholder meeting.

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But regardless of Ballmer's accomplishments and intentions, Microsoft has had its share of critics.

Many users hate Windows 8, and Windows Mobile offerings haven't exactly been game changers, but interest in Microsoft devices has picked up recently, according to Lindsey Turrentine, editor-in-chief of CNET.

"I think Microsoft will give us a number of great products in the future, but it has had some pretty big struggles in the last few years," Turrentine said.

"I think with Nokia coming on board as an acquisition, there's the potential for Microsoft really stepping ahead in the mobile game," Turrentine added.

By CNBC's Althea Chang.