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Obama does not expect another debt-ceiling crisis

CNBC with Reuters
President Barack Obama speaks during the Wall Street Journal CEO Council annual meeting in Washington on November 19, 2013.
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President Barack Obama says the American government needs to "stop governing by crisis," and noted that "I don't foresee what happened in October repeating again in January."

Speaking Tuesday afternoon at a CEO gathering hosted by The Wall Street Journal, the president said he believes Congress knows that it can not threaten to shut down the economy just because politicians don't agree with a particular bill. The way our system is set up is "like a loaded gun," he said.

The partial-government shutdown cost the U.S. millions of dollars, and it "didn't need to happen," he said. The government "doesn't have to be outstanding," he said, but it has to perform better.

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Obama also blamed Republicans for contributing to the troubled rollout of his signature healthcare plan. He said it will be hard to "rebrand'' Obamacare after his administration fixes the website used to sign up for the program.

"We should have anticipated that (the faulty website) would create a rockier rollout,'' Obama told the conference.

"One of the problems we've had is one side of Capitol Hill is invested in failure,'' he said.

Obamacare fix clarification

Still, the president said he thinks the website will be fixed on time for people to "catch up'' and shop for insurance by key deadlines, which fall in December and March.

A key concern for the program's success is attracting enough young and healthy people—who often go without health insurance—to balance out the costs of providing insurance to older and sicker people.

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"We're going to have obviously remarket and rebrand (Obamacare), and that will be challenging in this political environment,'' Obama said.

The White House later announced that Obama will meet with representatives from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on Wednesday to discuss issues with the implementation of Obamacare.

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"We are looking forward to ongoing work with the state insurance commissioners to make sure that consumers across the country understand their options and rights under the health insurance law,'' a senior White House official said.

Many state commissioners have been hesitant to embrace Obama's fix to keep Americans from losing health plans that do not comply with the Affordable Care Act, saying they need to figure out how to resurrect canceled policies and whether to allow insurers to raise prices.

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