Rep. Black: Obamacare a 'train wreck'

Izzy Best, CNBC News Associate
Rep. Black: Obamacare a train wreck

It's been a health-care rollout some have called an epic disaster. But Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., told CNBC on Tuesday that Obamacare is more of a "train wreck" that will continue to crumble.

"Now we see people losing their insurance, losing their doctors, not being able to get insurance," Black said on "Squawk on the Street."

With reports of many unsuccessful attempts to enroll and very few success stories, the HealthCare.gov site has been plagued with mishaps since its Oct. 1 launch.

Enrollments for October were forecast at 500,000, but only 106,185 Americans selected Obamacare health insurance plans in the first month of sales, federal officials announced last week.

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White House officials have said that the website will be fully functional by Nov. 30.

—By CNBC's Izzy Best