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Stock with little profits but big growth: Cramer

Mobile is 'fantastic': Yelp CEO

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What impresses Cramer? A stock with revenue growth, that's what impresses Cramer.

And the Mad Money host has due reason to be impressed with Yelp, a website that connects customers with local businesses by allowing people to post reviews.

In its most recent earnings report, Yelp said revenue was up 68% year-over-year at $61.2 million for the quarter.

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"Yelp may not be profitable, but it has tremendous revenue growth," noted the Mad Money host. That's bullish.

Revenue growth is one of many metrics that Cramer always examines when he determines whether to put money behind a stock.

Trajectory is another.

"And since the beginning of 2013, Yelp stock has been absolutely on fire, climbing more than 200% year-to-date, even after the recent pullback," Cramer noted.

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Beyond revenue growth and trajectory, Cramer sees other tailwinds. For example, the website appears to be leveraging mobile quite well.

46% of Yelp's local ads were shown on mobile devices, approximately 62% of searches were on mobile devices, and mobile app usage increased to about 11.2 million unique devices on a monthly average basis.

"Also, Yelp's introducing a 'nearby' function that allows people to assess where to go on the fly," Cramer said.

Therefore, people can travel, take out their smartphone, visit Yelp! and make spontaneous decisions about visiting local establishments likes bars and restaurants.

"This is a remarkably powerful and robust concept and it is working well," Cramer said. That alone is reason enough to buy, but back in August , Cramer cited another potential catalyst.

"Apple needs a better social and mobile strategy. It would cost Apple a pittance to buy Yelp," Cramer speculated.

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