Cramer gets message from Spirit world

Spirit Airlines CEO: Try to have lowest price possible

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Whatever your beliefs, if you like to make money Cramer hopes you hear this message from Spirit.

Oh wait, we're not talking about the afterlife or anything like that. We're talking about Spirit airlines, a company Cramer considers to be among the best in the business.

"It's a low-cost, ultra low-price operator that runs 52 aircraft serving 125 different non-stop markets," Cramer explained.

The message comes from the financials; Cramer is very impressed with the way Spirit runs its business.

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"The has been profitable every single year since the economy peaked in 2007, including when oil prices spiked to $147 a barrel, and when business travel went into a horrible recession," noted Cramer earlier in the year.

Now don't get Cramer wrong. He still likes larger players such as Delta and US Airways, especially now that the AMR deal is back on.

"But Spirit is a lean, mean, money making machine with vast opportunities to grow," he added.

How do they do it?

Efficiency: Spirit has slightly over 50 planes, and they use those planes more efficiently than the competition, keeping them in the air 13 hours a day, versus 12 hours for JetBlue or 10.5 hours for Southwest," Cramer said.

Capacity: "The company outfits its planes with more seats than the competition—in a Spirit Airbus A320 there are 178 seats, versus 150 for JetBlue, so you have two pilots burning the same amount of fuel, paying the same landing fees, but Spirit can carry 28 more people. You get less legroom, but the ticket price is also much, much lower," Cramer said.

A La Carte: "Plus, unlike other airlines, Spirit unbundles everything: if you want to check your baggage, you have to pay extra for it, same with buying food and drinks on board the plane," Cramer said.

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Also, "The company plans to grow capacity by 21.5% year over year in 2013, and they could triple the number of planes they have before they saturate the markets they serve," Cramer added.

Although the stock has gained more than 100% year to date, Cramer doesn't think it's cause for concern. Considering how well management is running the business, "I think this still has room to run."

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