Convey Launches Online Sales Enablement Content Platform

ATLANTA, Nov. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Convey Services today launched Convey for Sales, a sales enablement technology that delivers content and training to direct or channel sales teams. Convey for Sales is a SaaS solution that expedites the transfer of knowledge and training to improve the effectiveness, increase the productivity and accelerate sales revenue. Convey is rapidly deployed, completely brandable, customizable, and managed without IT support.

Convey is a self-managed framework that allows many users to contribute content or training that can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual sales professional. Convey becomes an online sales community to generate conversations around content, write reviews, take surveys, contribute ideas from the field, and offer successful selling strategies.

"Sales leaders must leverage technology to increase the knowledge, skill and efficiency of their team, but implementing innovation comes with challenges," said Carolyn Bradfield, Chief Executive Officer of Convey Services. "Convey for Sales sites are launched, customized and fully populated with content, training reinforcement and events in a matter of days. Convey-powered sites make it easy for a community of stakeholders in the sales team to contribute ideas and interact with each other. Marketing, training, field management and field representatives find a Convey site easy to contribute to and participate in."

Convey for Sales sites are engineered to be managed by non-technical users. Convey accepts all file types, no matter what technology created it. Links to content posts can be added in the training tabs of customer resource management (CRM) systems.

"Keeping content and training top-of-mind in a sales organization is a top priority," Bradfield added. "Convey not only allows contributors from many departments to add content, but it also enables the sales team to share ideas and strategies to make them more competitive. Improving visibility and presence with a channel team is key benefit of a Convey for Sales site. When a channel salesperson comes to a Convey site, they have a content-rich experience and a convenient way to access a wealth of information."

Convey for Sales sites can be public or private and content can be offered for free or for purchase. Sites are divided into catalogs to allow internal employees or outside contributors to manage them independently. How a viewer engages with content and training is easily tracked through surveys and quizzes, reviews, and reports.

About Convey

Headquartered in Roswell, Georgia, Convey from Convey Services is a SaaS solution for sales enablement and content hosting for sales, marketing and training professionals. Convey is feature-rich, easy-to-use, inexpensive, customizable, and can be managed without IT support.

Convey drives knowledge transfer from multiple stakeholders within an organization to improve sales effectiveness and efficiency by making content and training easy to find, adapt, deliver and track before, during and after a sales call.

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