ERCOT Board of Directors Qualify TAS Energy's Generation Storage as Energy Storage Resource Eligible for Wholesale Load Treatment

HOUSTON, Nov. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TAS Energy, a leading provider of thermal energy solutions, announces ERCOT Board of Directors approved its Generation Storage® as an energy storage resource eligible for wholesale load treatment along with other storage technologies. This allows gas-fired power plant operators in ERCOT the ability to use wholesale priced power when the plant is offline, or the cost to generate is higher than the wholesale price of power, to charge the thermal energy storage (TES) tank associated with TAS Energy's Generation Storage solution.

"This change not only opens up a potentially new revenue stream for power plant owners with negative night pricing occurring in some regions of Texas but it further adds to the list of benefits, such as ancillary participation, that Generation Storage offers our customers." said J.T. Grumski, President & CEO of TAS Energy.

Generation Storage is added to gas turbines to take power at night from the grid, or on-site, and store it in the form of chilled water overnight. The following day, the chilled water is released from the TES tank and used to increase the output of the gas turbine when higher temperatures negatively impact its performance.

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