Inspiring Young Rockers Through Engaging, Performance-Based "Rookies" Program

BURR RIDGE, Ill., Nov. 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- School of Rock, the leader in performance-based music education inspiring the world to rock on stage and in life, has expanded its extensive offerings with an enriching program specifically designed for young rockers. The new "Rookies" program will inspire first- and second-graders to pursue music by channeling their inner rock stars. Students will learn the basics of technique and music theory while playing actual rock music on various instruments. The unique program will allow children to understand the dynamic of playing in a group while learning the skills needed to build a strong musical foundation on a wide range of instruments. This program differs from the existing entry-level Rock 101 program in that it focuses on exposing students to a wide range of instruments, is entirely group-based and the sessions are shorter to accommodate the attention span of this age group.

"Finding the right instrument for children is an important factor in their continued musical success," said Chris Catalano, CEO of School of Rock. "The Rookies program is the perfect opportunity for young musicians to find an instrument that inspires them by giving them the freedom to explore a variety of instruments and genres in a single program. Our goal is to engage our students in a way that increases the probability that they will have a lifetime relationship with their instruments. This is best achieved if musical exploration is started while they are young."

The action-packed classes teach young rockers pitch, rhythm and musical teamwork through a combination of engaging, music-based games and group rehearsals of simple rock songs. Every student experiences the magic of playing all the major rock instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals while developing a core understanding of, confidence in and love for music. The classroom dynamics are designed to create a supportive learning environment that nurtures teamwork and cooperative learning, and lets the students experiment with every instrument. The fact that parents do not have to purchase an instrument for their child to participate not only saves money, but encourages them to support their child's desire to learn to play music. Whether students decide to pursue a career in music or elsewhere, the skills learned from early music education can be applied in all areas of life.

"Our performance-based teaching method is an immersive experience that builds self confidence and inspires our students to excel, not only in music, but in working with others effectively to achieve a common goal," added Catalano. "The addition of the Rookies program completes a suite of programs designed to provide musical inspiration at every age. From pre-school via our Little Wing program through Rookies, Rock 101 and our performance and adult programs, School of Rock is ready to engage students at every age and skill level."

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