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Rebranding won't fix Obamacare, top ad exec says

Jerry Della Femina: Obamacare a bad product

Renowned advertising executive Jerry Della Femina said Wednesday that there's no point in rebranding or remarketing Obamacare, because it's simply a bad product.

Della Femina began his career in 1961—often thought of as the heyday of advertising—and co-founded his own agency in 1967. In an appearance on "Closing Bell," he drew comparisons between Obamacare and other products that failed, such as Coca-Cola's New Coke and Ford Motor's Edsel line.

"Three advertising campaigns for the Edsel. It still didn't work at the end. It was a bad product," he said, adding he doesn't think there is any way the Obama administration could change public perception about the health-care law.

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"The problem isn't in the website. The problem is in the idea. They can fix the website," he continued. "They have to force people to buy insurance they don't want, and that's the problem."

Della Femina acknowledged that he did not vote for President Barack Obama.

A request for comment from the Department of Health and Human Services went unreturned.

—By CNBC's Drew Sandholm. Follow him on Twitter @DrewSandholm