American Greed: The Fugitives
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10 hideout cities for fugitives

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10. Lyon, France

France deserves consideration as a flight destination. For one thing, there's the food. And at times, France seems to be reluctant to extradite. This June, France refused to extradite Michael and Linda Mastro because of their age, unless the U.S. promised not to send them to jail. (See the whole story on "American Greed: The Fugitives.") Indicted on charges including money laundering and bankruptcy fraud (to the tune of $570 million, according to bankruptcy trustee James Rigby), Michael Mastro, 88, and Linda Mastro, 63, are hiding in plain sight in the French Alps.

Not as obvious as Paris, Lyon—one of France's largest cities—has a sizable population in which to get lost (over 2 million in the urban area). The city has a lively business and cultural life, and of course, great food. Located on the Rhone River and not far from the Alps.

Extradition Treaty: Yes

Pleasure: Medium-High

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