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Cramer: Opportunity too big to contain?

Concur aims to simplify business travel

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Sometimes companies introduce technology that's so disruptive, it upends the entire system.

Cramer thinks that may be the case with Concur Technologies.

"It's a $5 billion company that provides corporate travel and expense management software through the cloud to over 15,000 businesses," Cramer explained.

According to the company's website, Concur streamlines expense management, and allows companies to gain visibility and control with automation.

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Although the service may seem a little abstract, the opportunity is very concrete.

"We have 20,000 customers in a market of over a million possibilities," explained Steven Singh, the chairman and CEO of during an interview on Mad Money.

Now that's not to say that Wall Street hasn't discovered the company or its potential. It has.

"Concur trades at nearly 90 times next year's earnings estimates, which is incredibly expensive even with the company's 20% long-term growth rate," Cramer explained.

The question becomes will the Street assign an even higher multiple to the stock as the company begins to realize its potential.

"When you consider that these guys have the best travel and expense management software out there, and that any business can access their stuff over the internet, that potential opportunity is pretty darned huge," Cramer added.

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Sometimes opportunity is so big it simply can't be contained by traditional price to earnings multiple analysis

"As expensive as this stock is, up 44% for the year, it's still down about 19 points from its highs. Who knows, we may look back in a couple years and think that these levels were a steal."

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