DigiDev TV Continues to Grow Subscriber Base

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HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At DigiDev TV (The Digital Development Group Corp.) (OTCBB:DIDG), the key phrase these days is, "forward momentum!" Immediately following the recent launch of its new Cult Epics channel, the online and Roku independent content provider today reported an increase in subscriber revenue for the first half of November versus revenue in the previous month. DigiDev continues to expand, scheduling the roll out of four more channels within the next thirty days. Existing channels are growing on a regular basis as content is added each month.

"The scalability of our model allows us to deliver increasing amounts of content at an attractive price," says company CEO Martin W. Greenwald. "We've spent almost two years of hard work to build this model, and adding channels and revenues is a matter of how aggressive we will be. By outsourcing many of our requirements, we've been able to keep costs under control. We have, over the past three months, cut overhead by over 50% without the loss of efficiency or growth.

"Like every start-up, there are three phases — spending money to create and build the business, stabilizing and leveraging the core model, and finally, the expansion of the business. We have entered phase two and have begun to aggressively leverage our core competencies and skills. I believe we will see meaningful revenue growth in the coming months, and with that, rising shareholder value."

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