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Xbox One chief wants living room 'revolution' with new Xbox One

Microsoft: 'Best gaming device ever shipped'

Microsoft wants people to talk to their televisions.

The company's flagship gaming device, the Xbox One, goes on sale Thursday night. Microsoft Senior Vice President Yusuf Mehdi told CNBC on Thursday he wants the console to revolutionize the living room.

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The key lies in the console's Kinect camera, which can biometrically screen users and "sign you into your personal entertainment experience," Mehdi said on "Squawk on the Street." The console also accepts voice commands.

"Think about six years ago when smartphones came out and people said this was going to change the world," Mehdi said. "Tablets have done that for computing. We hope and believe that this device is going to do the same thing for the living room."

Though Nat Brown is one of the creators of the Xbox, he told "Closing Bell" the end is "very near" for gaming consoles thanks to the advent of the smartphone and tablet device. After all, he noted all smartphones and tablets offer gaming. Brown said the console makers are aware of the competition and are attempting to market their product beyond gaming as a means of consuming entertainment. But Brown just doesn't think there is a market anymore.

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