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Cramer's game plan: Turkey and TiVo??!

Fed won't get in way of good holiday season: Cramer

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It's nearly Thanksgiving, and ahead of the holiday Jim Cramer plans to kick back and watch TiVo!

No, no, not like that. The "Mad Money" host will be looking at TiVo earnings. He says it's just one of several money making opportunities in the week ahead.

Here's what's on Cramer's radar.


On Monday Cramer will be looking for growth as he sifts through earnings from Workday. "I am pretty much blown away by the ambitious nature of this company. They're offering a cloud alternative for human capital management companies, something that's currently the domain of Oracle for many a large enterprise," Cramer explained.

"Now, just so we're clear, Workday stock trades at a very high valuation largely because management has been very successful. One slip up and the stock will get hammered. That's what happens when stocks are expensive, it's the chance you have to take if you want to bet on this company being the next Oracle."

In addition, Cramer will be watching network security platform company Palo Alto Networks, which also reports Monday.

"I recently spoke to the CEO on "Mad Money" and he told a compelling story," said Cramer. Although the company is highly valued and faces a potential patent lawsuit Cramer thinks this stock warrants attention. "Cyber security is here to stay and that makes Palo Alto Networks a terrific long-term investment.

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Technology will be top of mind Tuesday as Hewlett-Packard reports.

"We're hearing talk of a bottoming in personal computer sales. We know that Hewlett-Packard has done a ground-breaking deal with to extend its cloud reach and loop in its extremely valuable printer franchise. We know the company boosted its dividend recently and continues to take costs out. All of this sounds very positive to me," Cramer said. "H-P is now up 77% for 2013 but I don't think the advance is done.

In addition, retail will take center stage with three important results all clustered on the same day, DSW, Cracker Barrel and Tiffany.

"DSW's in a sweet spot, offering the best shoes for less," said Cramer. Tiffany is one of the best ways to play the strength of the high-end consumer. And as for Cracker Barrel, gas prices are falling and many of their restaurants are located near big highways. I bet Cracker Barrel has a good story to tell. In fact, I bet all three post solid results."

On top of all that Cramer will also be watching TiVo – earnings that is. "At $1.6 billion, with a ton of cash, this is one of the cheapest stocks in the universe. I fear that TiVo might run up going into the quarter, but it's only up about 8% for the year and I think it represents great value."

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On Wednesday Cramer fears there could be an extreme move in the market. That's because a slew of economic reports come out including initial jobless claims, durable goods orders, consumer sentiment and the Chicago Purchasing Managers Report.

"Normally I wouldn't be sweating these, but because of the holiday, trading will be very thin and that means that if we have strong reports on at least two fronts then I would expect to see bond prices plummet and interest rates go higher." In the past a spike in interest rates has triggered sharp selling.


Markets are closed for Thanksgiving


Retail will take center stage in a big way with Black Friday. "Look for the usual tales of woe about cash strapped consumers while seeing pictures of people on television clawing over one another at shopping malls and big box stores," said Cramer. Go figure.

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