Google to create a fashionable, prescription lenses for Glass: Report

Source: Google | Facebook

Google is in talks with at least one eyewear company about creating a fashionable, prescription lenses version of the company's long-awaited Google Glass device, The Wall Street Journal said Friday.

According to the report, the company is exploring ideas with VSP Global, a national vision benefits provider, but the discussions are in early stages and so far, the companies have no formal agreement.

Google's Internet-connected eyewear lets users receive search results, read email, scan maps for directions and engage in video chats without reaching for their smartphones, but many fear its current design is a bit too nerd friendly.

"Down the road I think this technology is going to blow up," said Dr. Matt Alpert, an optometrist who is on the board of VSP Global and is an early tester of Google Glass. "As soon as apps are developed that are relevant for your world, it will start to take off."

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The Google Glass device hasn't hit the shelves yet, but thousands of so-called Explorers have been given early access to the technology to test them out.

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Some Explorers said it's possible to wear the device with a pair of regular glasses, but the experience isn't that great.

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