Orinda Chiropractor Introduces Pulsed Laser Therapy for Patients

ORINDA, Calif., Nov. 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An Orinda chiropractor is spreading the word about a state-of-the-art form of laser therapy that he now offers to area residents suffering from injuries or chronic pain. Dr. Kevin Wong of Orinda Chiropractic Center states that the clinic's multi-radiance M4 Superpulsed Laser can provide a higher degree of safe, non-invasive pain relief, and stimulation of healing than older forms of the technology. Patients can receive the laser treatment for $35.00 with an adjustment or $50.00 for the laser treatment alone, no adjustment. "We have enjoyed great success at treating patients with laser therapy, and this new pulsed-laser device should further enhance our ability to help people get over painful illnesses and injuries," he says.

Dr. Wong differentiates the cold laser therapy used in his everyday work from the lasers used to perform surgery by pointing out that the lower frequency of light used by the therapeutic laser does not cut or cauterize tissue. "A cold laser penetrates the skin without cutting or damaging it in any way," he says, explaining that the concentrated beam of light stimulates cellular repair at the level where tissue damage has occurred.

The chiropractor adds that the warming effect of the laser light also soothes painful tissues and enhances the delivery of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the injury site. This increase in circulation allows the tissues to expel lactic acids or other metabolic wastes along with inflammatory substances that contribute to local pain and swelling. The results, he says, include natural pain relief without the need for drugs, faster healing times, and better control of chronic conditions. Dr. Wong notes that while multiple sessions are the norm for cold laser therapy, especially when dealing with chronic pain, most of his patients experience significant results within the first three sessions.

The Orinda chiropractor expresses particular enthusiasm for the newest upgrade to his clinic. The multi-radiance M4 Superpulsed Laser, as it is known, delivers a pulsed laser beam at multiple frequencies instead of the steady beam employed by traditional devices which can only deliver a continuous wave. This variance in light intensity, he explains, enables him to deliver deep-tissue therapy with less heating at the surface of the skin. "Additionally, by administering a 'sweep' of several different frequencies via the pulsed laser, we can treat several layers of tissue simultaneously. This technique also prevents the tissue from adapting to one single frequency, which can limit the overall effectiveness of continuous-wave laser therapy," says Dr. Wong.

Dr. Wong encourages Orinda residents suffering from chronic or acute pain due to injuries, nerve problems or other conditions to contact the clinic for additional information about this pulsed laser therapy as an alternative to painkillers, major surgery or other more drastic treatment modalities.

In addition to cold laser therapy using the multi-radiance M4 Superpulsed Laser, Orinda Chiropractic Center provides chiropractic adjustment, L-Lipo body contouring, kinesio taping and other forms of non-invasive treatment.

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