Solar installer offers deal to BMW electric buyers

Chris Woodyard
BMW i3
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Make sense to us: Buy an electric car and get a deal for a home solar unit.

It's just great marketing. Who would be most likely to sign up for solar? The same save-the-earth type who just bought a plug-in car.

It's happening with SolarCity, one of the nation's largest solar installers, and BMW.

Anyone who buys a new BMW i3 electric car, or the i8 plug-in extended range car when it goes on sale, can get a 10% discount, the two companies announced.

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"Driving electric is a lifestyle, where customers gain a keen understanding of their driving habits beyond driving and are often inspired to find ways to live more sustainably," said Rob Healey, BMW's EV infrastructure manager.

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The deal is similar to one earlier this year with Honda and Acura, in which a $65 million fund was establish to "assist" Honda owner's solar panel installations.

SolarCity currently offers systems in 14 states.

—By Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY.