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Cramer: Looks like an Apple Christmas

Apple moving on real engineering: Cramer

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If you're searching for outsized gains into year-end, Jim Cramer thinks you might want to give Apple a second look

The "Mad Money" host sees many reasons to believe the path of least resistance is higher.

"It's probably the cheapest stock in the after you back out the cash," he said. "Also, it offers a decent dividend that can go higher and it's got the biggest buyback on Earth."

However, perhaps most important, after falling out of favor earlier in the year, Apple is again at break even.

With investors who were down for the year now made whole, Cramer believes fundamental catalysts could drive a rally.

And Cramer sees big fundamental catalysts.

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"Once again, Apple's really doing what Apple does best: innovating and creating new products," he said.

"And people love them. The new operating system leapfrogged over the thought-to-be-invincible Samsung and the new tablets bested anything imagined just a year ago. "

Cramer believes the innovation could make Apple gadgets the hot gifts this holiday season.

And Cramer says his outlook isn't simply subjective, he insists it's being confirmed by other companies.

"We're beginning to hear from the makers of corrugated boxes, and companies who ship holiday gifts and the retailers who sell hard goods. All signs suggest that it looks like an Apple Christmas."

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If that's the case, how high can Apple go?

"I don't know if it can get back to the all-time high of $702 because that's still quite a way away," Cramer said. But given all the catalysts outlined above, "I think the run has staying power."

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