Photofeed Creates Quick-Import Tool for Everpix Users


NEW YORK CITY, Nov. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Photofeed, the cloud photo storage service launched in August by the photo-aggregator app company Pixable, has built a special feature that enables Everpix users to seamlessly migrate their photos as the latter prepares to shut down its service.

Since the announcement that it would close down, Everpix has been reaching out to customers asking them to download or export their photos. Photofeed's new tool provides an easy, safe, and secure alternative for Everpix customers to back-up their photos before Everpix shuts down on December 15, and without the trouble of having to download their photos from the original service.

After Everpix customers go to and provide their credentials, the specially developed tool will automatically import the user's photos from Everpix to Photofeed. The only other option today requires the customer to download all of their photos from Everpix and then to manually re-upload them to a new photo storage service. Photofeed's quick import tool gives Everpix users a simple one-step process to transfer their photos safely and securely just by inputting their Everpix credentials.

Using the Photofeed quick-import tool is free, and once the photos are migrated, users will also enjoy one month of unlimited storage for free. Additionally, Photofeed is offering existing Everpix users an extra 3 months for free if they sign up for a premium account. Users simply have to visit to provide their details and the tool will migrate their existing Everpix photos while a new Photofeed account is simultaneously created for them.

Photofeed automatically uploads and syncs photos from all of a user's devices and provides a secure storage and organization solution for them. Users can choose from a free account of up to 1,000 photos or a paid subscription service with additional storage.

Once the migration is complete and upon sign-up with any premium plan, the new Photofeed user will have access to all of Photofeed's premium features, including automatic syncing, album imports, duplicate detection and full-resolution photos.

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Source: Pixable