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Chicago, IL, Nov. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The throb of sinus pressure is all too familiar, particularly this time of year. At the onset of sinus headaches and sinus pain, we're trained to analyze our mucus and look for discoloration. Unpleasant, but the telltale sign of a sinus infection, right? Not so fast. If you experience repeat sinus infections that only temporarily respond to antibiotics, you may be dealing with chronic sinusitis instead.

Chicago sinus specialist, Brian Rotskoff, MD, specializes in hard-to-diagnose conditions like chronic sinusitis or rhinosinusitis, migraine headaches, and chronic cough and throat clearing. After years of treating complex breathing and sinus cases, Dr. Rotskoff is often able to pinpoint underlying causes that may be overlooked at primary care visits.

"Sinus infections are so common, that physicians are accustomed to doling out antibiotics to knock out infection. This happens especially when a patient shows up and says, 'I know I have a sinus infection because I just had one.' A red flag, actually," said Dr. Rotskoff.

Patients must self-advocate when it comes to chronic conditions. Doctors can only evaluate and treat the symptoms they know about. If you repeatedly suffer from sinus headaches and debilitating sinus pressure and pain, antibiotics may not be the answer and over-the-counter sinus medications will provide temporary relief at best. A sinus specialists like Dr. Rotskoff takes a broader look at your long-term sinus status to find commonalities and underlying issues.

Chronic sinusitis is characterized by persistent inflammation of the sinus cavities. This fullness prevents mucus from properly draining and impedes breathing. Swollen, blocked nasal passages become chronically inflamed, which manifests as facial pain, sinus headaches, and sometimes even tooth pain. Yellow or greenish discharge and a productive cough can also be associated with sinusitis.

"Sinus infections respond to antibiotics, but chronic sinusitis requires a more careful look at why the passages are inflamed and what can be done to soothe them. With many chronic conditions, effective symptom control requires layered treatment of multiple conditions," said Dr. Rotskoff. "Doctors must also consider the nuances between chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis; the two are often confused."

Dr. Rotskoff points out that patients can have chronic sinus headaches and sinus pain without excessive mucus or other common "sick" symptoms. "Patients are often surprised to learn the real reason for their sinus headaches; we're very adept at unlocking chronic headaches and migraines," he said.

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