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Dream vs. reality: A rendering of California's high-speed rail project that is supposed to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles
Source: California High-Speed Rail Authority

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Due to winter storms, change-fee policies have been relaxed by some airlines, including US Airways, United and Delta. this week offered some timely advice on flying during winter or any iffy weather season.

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California's long-discussed high-speed rail has hit yet another speed bump, according to the San Jose Mercury News. A state judge ruled Monday that the High-Speed Rail Authority failed to follow voter-approved requirements aimed at limiting reckless spending on the $68 billion project that would connect San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Gas prices climb due to refinery outages

New statistics from STR show only slight growth in hotel occupancy in October. "Room demand in October increased by only 1.5 percent to 98.6 million rooms sold, well below the 2.1 percent year-to-date average," Jan Freitag, a senior vice president at STR, said in a statement. "Two reasons for the demand softness were likely the government shutdown between 1 October and 16 October, and Hurricane Sandy made landfall at the end of October 2012. In addition, demand comparables on the East Coast were probably tougher."

Maybe this says something about the economy? Hotels are renting out unused space as ad-hoc offices. "Like pop-up restaurants before them, 'pop-up offices' are now becoming more common in the hospitality industry," observes USA Today.

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