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Cool ways to shop online

Christina Medici Scolaro
Take the pressure off by shopping online

Retailers are getting more creative and competitive for the holidays, with more online stores popping up and social media covering the action.

Jesse Draper, CEO of multimedia company Valley Girl, advises that you don't go shopping without checking out these sites:

Amazon Price Check: You can scan the price tag, snap a photo or type a product in and find the best price for anything.

Snapette: It's a fashion app that's perfect for shoppers who wait for the last minute and don't have time for shipping. It tells you about deals nearby and offers directions to the stores, and gives secret sales codes and editor's recommendations.

Shopkick: This app scans nearby stores for great deals and kicks you back points that you can redeem for gift cards. It offers rewards just for walking in to a store.

Whichever way you shop on line, don't forget to pay attention to shipping!

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